November 19, 2013

Navy & Leather

Dress Vero Moda, leather jacket Zara, fur scarf vintage buy, bag/clutch Ebay, heels Spring, earrings Forever 21, ring Aldo

Taking pictures yesterday was impossible due to the weather. It was cold outside but that would not be a problem if it were not for the wind. The winds were blowing from all directions (at least that's how it felt) and it was impossible to keep hair neat or even keep your clothes (scarves, hats) from blowing away. We tried to do it outside, as true warriors, but lost the battle in the matter of seconds. Just check out one of the pictures below. As we got out, all of a sudden flurries started up as well. We had no choice but to shoot these pictures in the back hallways of a building. They came out ok. And before this starts sounding as if you have just tuned into a weather channel blog, let me stop myself.
Last couple of weeks have been a blurr for me. They flew by because I was sooo busy with too many things on the go. And just when I felt like my days are too occupied, I listened to Elaine Lui from Lainey Gossip about her schedule at the blogger conference Spark Sessions over the weekend (you read about this even in yesteryday's post) and realized I should not complain. I also get that same feeling when I talk to my friends with kids. My life is still not that busy after all :). 
Now, finally, back to the outfit. This outfit I wore the first day of the Spark Sessions conference. I never got to snap any picutres of my outfits on the day of for several reasons, but I will reproduce both outfits this week for you to see. This gorgeous dress is from Vero Moda I got from Winners for only $35. As for the jacket, I keep on wearing it even though it is getting too cold for it here in Canada. But I just love it that much that I will sacrifice freezing only to be able to wear it (mom, please don't read this part).
And this fur (lets call it) scarf I purchased in a vintage store in the city. Now, I'm not going to pretend that I am against fur. I'm neither against nor for, kind of confused is more like it. After all, I love eating meat and there is no pretending.  I love the fur but I usually chose to buy it from vintage stores. It is cheaper and it is recycling the fashion. I would buy a new piece too, but I have learned that I will for sure research first where the company buys their fur from before I buy it. Some of these places keep their animals caged in such small cages that they can't even move for the duration of their short lives. And as a dog owner and animal lover, I can't be ok with that kind of treatment.
I will end my post here. I'm starting to notice I am getting chatty today. And as my friends best know, when days like this come around, I can talk, and talk and talk. So ladies, have a wonderful week! Ciao!

Danasnji post, zbog duzine teksta ce biti na zalost samo na engleskom. Nadam se da mi necete zameriti. Sutra nastavljamo opet. Cao!   

Aleksandra <3


  1. Gorgeous :D
    I loved the detail of the little heart-shaped earrings!

  2. love that 'fur' scarf. if you want to ever sell it. i'll be wanting to buy it!!