November 18, 2013

Spark Sessions - Fashion & Beauty

This weekend was a very busy but very fun weekend for me. I attended Spark Sessions, an event or a conference for beauty and fashion bloggers, first of its kind here. It was organized by 7 lovely local bloggers and they did an absolutely amazing job. This was a first year this event ran and I cannot find one thing that went wrong. We were lucky to have had some inspirational speeches from wonderful and energetic Jeanne Becker as well hilarious Lainey Lui from Lainey Gossip. Not to mention some great advice from more experienced bloggers, PR professionals, online magazine editors such as Elle Canada, and so much more.
As you may or may not know, fashion blogging is very young in Canada, and still needs to grow, so this is an amazing event that any blogger, future blogger or just in general, online company business owner/enthusiast should attend. The conference was intended for bloggers but there was so much more great advice that can be applied to other business lines.
We interacted with PR representatives from brands like Almay and Smart Set. We got to play a little contest where we had 3 minutes to style a look from Smart Set new holiday collection. You have to check it out as it has some amazing pieces. I was especially in love with their sweaters and pants. You can see my work below. I really loved these tartan pants (surprise, surprise) and chose to style my look for a chic but casual day.

We also got to test out new Almay eye shadows Shadow Softies, which are not even on the market yet. Keep your eyes peeled for them in the next couple of weeks.
All of the attendees walked away with some amazing gift bags filled with goodies from Almay, Revlon, Matrix, Benefit, Joseph Nogguci as well as some great gift cards from Smart Set, Homegrown Boutique and Aime (by Monica Mei). I guess I could call it an early Christmas Gift. 
Just a few of many goodies we received 

This was a perfect even to mix and mingle with local talent and meet some lovely local bloggers. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of people. I am not normally the type of a person to go to any even alone, maybe because I am the second child and my older sister was always on my side. I can't even go to a movie theater alone and sit in the dark, let a alone go to a socializing event. But I got some courage and went. I am glad I did. Everyone was so kind and friendly and you had someone to talk to at any time. It just goes to show that everyone in the blogger community really supports one another. Each girl had its own unique style, and though we all are in the same type of blogging, there was no real competition. I also got to meet one of the bloggers I followed even before this event, lovely Dainty Girl, which was a thrill for me.
Above are a few pictures of the venue and the event. I didn't get to take too many as I was too busy socializing, eating or listening to the speeches :).
Aleksandra <3


  1. Lucky you. Seems like it was an awsome experience.
    I wish there was some event like that over here :)

  2. I'm sooo happy you were able to join us and that you learned a lot and met new people :)

    1. You girls should be very proud of the success. well deserved!