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Why You Should Not Visit Santorini in Greece and Where to Travel Instead

Dress H&M, hat unknown, woven bag vintage Value Village, heels unknown (similar here on AliExpress)
Who, or I should say what, influences you the most on picking the next location spot? It used to be travel agencies or movies. Nowadays it’s the social media; to be specific images we see on Instagram. We tend to pick those places that are most photogenic rather then thinking which ones will bring us the most pleasure and better experiences.
Yes, it may be cool, at least for that instant when you post a beautiful picture on your Instagram feed, to share a beautiful view from one of Santorini balconies. But before you spend your hard-earned money on one of those expensive (and beautiful) villas, which may prevent you from being able to afford next year’s vacation, you might want to consider some alternatives.
One of the places that may not be on top of the list for places to visit in Greece (especially for those of us living in North America), is beautiful island of Corfu. Most of …

Lefkada 2: What to Wear & What Beaches to visit in Lefkada

Shorts Levi's, slides H&M, top unknown (similar Shein), bag Proenza Schouler, hat unknown
Time to share with you another outfit this week. It’s my second outfit from Lefkada (the rest were bathing suits only heheeh). I’ve fallen so far behind on posting outfits from my August, yes August trip to Greece. Actually, by the time we reached Lefkada it was already September. The second outfit is another simple shorts and a shirt combo. As it was already September it wasn’t as starching hot as sit it in the summer months. I could opt to wear long sleeves but the rest of the outfit had to stay light. Straw hat to shield from the sun is always not only useful but also a great accent to any outfit. As you know I really love colour especially in summer months, I chose one of my favourite bags, this Proenza Schouler classic.
Last time I told you a bit about Lefkada island and town, but I didn’t mention any beaches. There are so many to explore but I will share with you my top 3: 1.Porto K…

Ladylike in Midi Dress in Lefkada, Greece

Dress H&M, sandals Forever 21, scarf (headwrap) Winners, handbag Value Village
From one island and east coast, we hopped over (actually drove our camper) to the west end of Greece and to another island, Lefkada. Well, Lefkada is not really an island any more as it is now connected with a floating bridge and causeway. Like most of Greeke islands, Lefkada also has a town which carries the same name as island, but also has several small villages throughout. The town of Lefkada is a small but beautiful town. Quite different from Mykonos. In fact, I personally found it reminded me a lot of New Orleans, USA. Weird I know, but when I read up on history of Lefkada, I learned that French ruled this little island as well for a brief period of time so influence of French architecture is definitely noticeable. Those of you who’ve been to New Orleans would think the same.
For the first evening out on the town, I wore this little H&M number I purchased last year. I love the print because …

What to Wear in Mykonos

Skirt Forever 21, top unknown, bag vintage (Value Village), sandals YSL

After big hectic Athens, our next stop on this road trip was Mykonos. Yes, with our camper in tow, we took a ferry and headed to this charming island. Mykonos is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have travelled to. It holds dear to me for its beauty and magical ambiance, but we also have a friend who lives there, and I feel like every time, we get more of a local experience rather then just touristy one. Mykonos is growing and definitely getting more expensive. Numbers of tourists flocking to this gem of an island is growing every year. Unlike Santorini which you mostly will enjoy only if you stay in the extremely expensive villas, Mykonos still welcomes everyone. You don’t have to be rich to stay here, tough it will be more expensive then most of the Greece. Despite the crowds, you can still sneak in a day of walking and getting lost in the beautiful tiny streets of Mykonos town. Due to heat mostly,…