March 31, 2014

Bohemian Style Outfit - Flower Print Kimono

 Kimono Urban Planet, tank top H&M, rings Forever 21, jeggings Urban Behavior, bag Winners, heels Aldo, sunglasses Joe Fresh, long necklace made on order, watch Michael Kors, bracelets Alex&Ani

I had a wonderful weekend with family and friends and now, I am fully energized for the week. I'm sure the sun and warmer weather have something to do with it as well. Today's outfit is in honour of the spring and the spring trends; soft pink colour and flower print. I love kimonos but it was really hard to find one that was long enough in the back, was the right colour and print and of course, the right price. I was extatic to find this one way below my budget. This one is from Urban Planet and was only $16. I got it in pastel blue as well, and could not wait to wear it. This weekend seemed just like a perfect time. A braid seemed like the right choice of hairstyle for today's sighly boho look so I went for it. It's a comfortable, chic and easy outfit to pull of. What do you think? Ciao!

Posle jednog prelepog vikenda sa prijateljima i familijom, vise sam nego spremna za ovu sedmicu. Verujem i da lepse vreme takodje ima malo uticaja na raspolozenje. A danasnji outfit je u cast dugo iscekivanom toplimjem prolecnom danu. Nezno roza boja i cvetni print, bas ono sto se predlaze za prolece/leto. Jako volim kimono ali mi je dugo vremena trebalo da nadjem bas odgovarajuci; dovoljno dug na ledjima, odgovarajuca boja i print, a naravno i cena je uvek vazna. Mozete zamisliti moje radosti kada sam naletela na ovaj od samo $16, znatno ispod mog budzeta. A ovaj protekli vikend je bio savrsen bas za njega. Naravno, i kosa je morala da se uklopi sa blago boho stilom, pa sam uplela opustsenu pletenicu. Kako vam se cini? Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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March 27, 2014

How To Get More Use Out Of A Dress - Pastel Yellow

Dress Forever 21, sweater H&M, ankle boots Aldo, bag Danier Leather, belt Danier Leather (men), left hand ring and earring Forever 21, black and gold ring The Bay, chain ring H&M

Today I'm leaving you with just a quick post. I wanted to wish you all a great weekend as it is my last post of the week. I am finishing this week with quite a feminine look. It may still be cold to wear this beautiful pastel yellow dress from Forever 21 alone, so I topped it off with a sweater and cinched in at the waist with a belt. Just one more way to wear your dress and get more use out of it. I'm also a little pasty as my skin has not seen sun for months, so this colour would blend too much with my skintone. We'll just have to wait for some sunnier days for that. Ciao ladies!

Danas vas ostavljam sa kratkim tekstom. Samo sam zelela na brzinu da vam pozelim lep vikend jer je ovo poslednji post ove sedmice. A sedmicu zavrsavam jednim neznim outfitom. Jer je kod nas jos hladno, ovu prelepu haljinu iz Forever 21 sam obukla sa dzemperm pa deluje kao suknja, i istakla struk sa kaisem. Samo jos jedan nacim da nosite vasu haljinu i imate sto vise koristi od nje. Takodje sam previse bela, jer mi koza nije videla sunca mesecima, pa bi se ova prelepa pastelno zuta boja utopila sa mojom kozom. Moracemo sacekati malo toplije dane da je nosimo samu :). Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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March 26, 2014

WMCFW Toronto Fashion Week - Joe Fresh, Mackage, Line Knitwear & More

Matthew Gallagher

Last week was the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, one of the last Fashion weeks to take place. It featured collections for the fall/winter 2014. And though, I am sure you are all (those of you living in Canada at least) tired of even thinking about the winter, don't walk away for today's post just yet. I did not get a chance to go the fashion week this time due to some personal obligations but I definitely did enjoy following it via Twitter, Instagram and online. A lot of the regular fashion week designers were featured this year again and delivered a great show as usual. I have today selected a few that I really enjoyed and would love to share with all of you.
Lets kick off with Matthew Gallagher. I love the clean lines in this collection. It covers two opposite spectrums of colour; it starts with all white pieces then moving into deep shades of green and burgundy, with a touch of black. Every pieces is very well structured and looks really rich. What I also loved about this show is the makeup on the models. They all wore dark lipstick which from afar even looked black. I would love to be able to pull off this makeup look but when I tried, I looked too gothy.
Pink Tartan is one of the most visited shows at the fashion week. And as always, it delivered a great show. Some of the pieces that I especially loved seeing will most likely not make it to the production. The collection was full of very cozy perfect fall/winter pieces such as this oversized scarf and beautiful sweater as well as this tartan ensemble. But how cool are these oversized coats? They definitely brought an element of theatrics to the show.
Pink Tartan

Mackage was full of very lux looking pieces, from tartan dress/coat, to fur trimmed dress, quilted leather jackets, parkas with gorgeous fuschia hues. Earth tones were dominating the collection and there was a lot of fur as well. Each piece was beautifully tailored. The whole collection is very wearable and very suited for Canadian fall and winter. A gorgeous collection all together.

Anu Raina showed a collection of dresses, mostly, which were an ode to our city of Toronto. A lot of pieces had a print of either Toronto skyline, Toronto transit map or just an illustration of the city images. I loved this concept and thought it would be interesting to share with you.
Anu Raina

Laura Siegel is a Toronto-New York based designers, but I had a feeling she is from California due to the laid back feel her collection has. The collection also has some Asian and South American feel to it as well. Earth tones were predominant and every pieces looked so soft and comfortable. I loved every item and wish I could have them all. For such a relaxed collection, tailoring was just impeccable. 
Laura Siegel

Now, what to say about Joe Fresh. Besides being a very wearable brand and very accessible to a regular folk, it is also absolutely gorgeous and fun. I just hope that ALL of the pieces from the collection actually get produced for sale. The colour palette was mostly earth tones and military with a touch of orange and water colours (just check out the two printed dresses shown below!). When you think of fall, these colours and prints come to mind. I may even say, this is one of my favourite collections. It had an urban feel to it, which is very appealing to me as well. A job well done!!

Joe Fresh

Last but not least, is Line Knitwear. I will be honest, I was not familiar with the brand until a few months ago. But seeing this collection, I am definitely their new fan. What better for fall and winter then a luxurious warm knitwear. I particularly loved the pieces in pink/purple hues as well as navy blues. Just how gorgeous is this ankle length navy blue coat? Who knew knitwear can be so hot and fun? A definite must for the next cold (and hopefully short) winter.

Line Knitwear

Hope you had fun checking out my favourites from the Fashion Week. Ciao!

Aleksandra <3

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March 25, 2014

How To Wear Fur In The Spring - Fur & Print

Fur vest & bag Ebay (similar faux fur vest), dress Urban Behavior (old), boots unknown (old), hat H&M (similar wide brim hat), bracelets Alex&Ani, chain bracelets and small rings H&M, large ring Forever 21, belt Blanco (similar at Le Chateau)

You all know how much I love bright colours and mixing prints. Well, no wonder I am excited about prints being very big for the spring and summer. I have had this dress for some time but to be honest I have not worn it in a while. And it just seems perfect for this year. It has a bit of the 70s and boho feel to it so I paired it with another floppy hat. I tell you, spring arrives and out come the floppy hats for me, hahah. As it remains chilly out, the fur vest is a must as well as over the knee boots. You can also pair them with flat over the knee boots and it will look just as great. As the print is very busy and the shape of the dress loose, I added a belt, with boho feel to it as well, to cinch in the waist and give the look more definition. Oh, and how gorgeous are these pictures? I love how the colours and prints in the graffiti compliment the outfit. What do you think? Ciao!

Svi vec znate da volim jarke boje kao i mesanje printova. Tako da nije ni cudno sto se radujem sto ce jaki printovi biti vrlo popularni ovog leta. Ova haljina je vec dugo vremena u mom garderoberu ali iskreno, nisam je odavno nosila. A nekako mi je savrsena bas za ovu godinu. Mene podsca na 70te a ima i boemski duh tako da sam je uparila sa jos jednim sesirom. Kazem vam, cim se prolece privuce ja ne izlazim iz ovakvih sesira, haha. A posto je kod nas jos uvek jako sveze napolju, neophodan je i krzneni (ili perjani) prsluk a i cizme preko kolena. Mozete obuti i ravne cizme preko kolena ako vam je udobnije a i dalje izgledati prelepo. S obzirom da je haljina vrlo sarena a i model vrlo opusten, obavezan je kais da istakne liniju struka i da definiciji celom outfitu. I kais vuce na boemski stil i savrseno se uklapa sa haljinom. A recite, zar nisu slike predivne. Dopada mi se jako kako se sare i boje grafita slazu sa bojama i dezenom u outfitu. Sta vi mislite? Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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March 24, 2014

Vintage camel coat, ripped jeans, chapeau & Graffiti

Coat thrift find, hat Le Chateau, bag Call it Spring, ankle boots & scarf Aldo, jeans Aeropostale, gloves H&M, T-shirt Ebay,  necklace Zara, bracelets Alex&Ani, chain bracelet/rings H&M, large ring Forever 21

Hello my lovelies! We’re off to a start of another working week and I don’t feel like it. I’ve had a wonderful relaxing weekend in the city and wish it could continue. Saturday was a milder spring day and I went out with a friend, walking around town, having some delicious crepes, store browsing and so much more. The weather was just perfect and I enjoyed every minute of my day. This is what I wore that day. The coat is a thrift find and the T-shirt from Ebay. I’m sure you have seen it before, but I love the writing on it: More Issues Than Vogue. And again, I am topping off the whole look with a floppy hat. I love this style and the feminine touch it gives to any outfit. And finally the wind is not strong anymore so I can actually wear it without worrying it will fly away. Have a wonderful week! Ciao!
Cao drage moje. Jos jedna radna sedmica je pred nama a ja ne zelim moj vikend jos da prodje. Napokon sam opet provela ceo vikend u gradu i uzivala u njemu. U subotu je bilo lepo vreme pa sam s drugaricom skitala po gradu, po ulicama, prodavnicama, jele smo palacinke i uzivale u svakom momentu. A ovaj outfit sam nosila na sebi taj dan. Kaput je stari, iz radnje polovne robe. A majica mi je preslatka, verovatno ste slicne vec videli. A kao i prosle sedmice, zavrsavam outfit sa sesirom. Volim kako sesir daje zenstven izgled bilo kojem outfitu. A i vetar je napokon posustao pa ne moram da se plasim da ce mi ga oduvati s glave. Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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