April 3, 2014

How To Look Polished While Wearing Distressed Denim

 Jeans Aeropostale, heels Lauren Marinis, sweater Anne Klein, shirt Walmart, trench coat H&M, clutch Aldo, sunglasses Joe Fresh

I wanted to sneak in at least one more sweater and shirt mix, before the weather gets too warm for it. I love this polished combo. I also love mixing polished pieces with ripped jeans. Actually, I love wearing distressed jeans with anything. I have been talking this week about clothing items that add an element of cool to your wardrobe, such as casual suede leather ankle boots and a leather jacket, and I believe ripped jeans are one of those staples as well. It's very interesting to me how polished you can still look even if you wear ripped jeans. I finally got a friend of mine on this wagon as well. She has a clean, classic and somewhat preppy style but has finally leaped and decided to buy a pair of distressed denim. A victory! I will be honest, I am not too big on skinny jeans with holes just on the knees, which I seem to see quite a lot lately, and you will not see me rock those. If you do, make sure to rub it in my face :). Have a great weekend! Ciao!
Pre nego sto ugreje previse napolju, zelela sam da ubacim jos bar jedan outfit sa kombinacijom dzempera i kosulje. Volim ovaj klasicni izgled. Volim i da pomesam klasicni stil sa iscepanim farmerkama. Da budem iskrena, volim da nosim iscepane farmerke sa svacim. Ove sedmice sam pricala o komadima odece koji ce momenatlno uciniti bilo koji outfit cool, kao sto su kozna jakna i kozne cizmice do clanka. Iscepane farmerke po mom misljenju spadaju u tu istu grupu. U danasnje vreme ne moze se zamisliti da neko nema bar jedne farmerke u svom garderoberu. A ako ih vec nemate, nabavite i jedne iscepane. Tamniji modeli su laksi za ukombinovati. Dok god ostali komadi odece na vama budu uredni i ne previse opusteni, izgledacete i dalje vrlo uredno ali i cool :) Zelim vam divan vikend! Cao!

Aleksandra <3

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  1. This is honestly the best look I've seen on you!
    It's all made of different colors, prints and textures and it all falls perfectly together :)


  2. Hello Aleksandra good day!!!
    Precious clothes and looks U have!
    I regularly visit you.
    So I let me make this little recognition. I hope you like this feature…

  3. The orange clutch and the leopard shoes are just the perfect accessories in this outfit, love them!